About us


In the course of its operation DPGPU PROTOTIP DOOEL SKOPJE – Company for production, construction, trading and services,
has grown into one of the most important construction companies in the Republic of Macedonia and beyond.

In its rich and fertile way of steady growth for more than 30 years, DPGPU PROTOTIP DOOEL SKOPJE has reached the
highest achievements in the field of construction. All this is based on our clearly defined principles of operation:

  • years of experience;
  • dynamic and quality construction at a price adjusted to all tastes;
  • correct and professional approach.

Our company can fully meet the strict criteria of investors and designers in all areas of the construction technique, and involve in the construction of any type of a building structure - at any location and time.

Number of employees: 493 (Last update: 08/2011)

Area: 12.000 m2 (offices, production halls and warehouses)

The perspective of our organization is strongly based on:

  • ambitious development plans,
  • permanent introduction of new technological advancements in the field of construction,
  • continually investing in superior technology, equipment and providing highly professional leading to greater productivity,
  • promoting fair competition on the domestic and world market.

We provide our services in accordance with all the legal norms in the construction business. As a successful construction company in compliance with the construction law, we perform all types of construction on the basis of our licenses...